I really feel like I can’t be around alcohol anymore. This has been a gradual transition for me. I stopped drinking when I fell pregnant with Lola… I couldn’t have managed alcohol then even if I’d wanted to. The mere smell of it (and everything else) had me heaving and wretching.
But its never left me… 2 years after giving birth and overcoming hyperemesis gravadium, I still feel nauseous if I smell alcohol. And it’s become deeper than that… I can see the dramatic shift in someone as soon as they have a single alcoholic drink. I see an entity take over… And it’s an entity that I don’t want in my presence.
Alcohol is used in extracting essences for essential oils. That’s what it does. It EXTRACTS the very essence of the soul…. Allowing it to be susceptible to dark entities of low frequencies. Why do you think we call the strongest drinks “spirits”?
Do you remember the taste of your first alcoholic drink? I do. It was horrible. But everyone was drinking it… I’d grown up watching my parents drink it… My friends and peers were starting to drink alcohol… So I forced myself to do it too. And I do mean forced. I compelled myself to keep drinking that wretched taste until I began “enjoying” it. And enjoy it I did…..you don’t spend the better part of a decade getting paid to be on more hotel pillows than a chocolate mint without a cocktail or 4, believe me.
I compare that first taste of alcohol with my first puff on a spliff 23 years ago. Feeling that warm sweet smoke fill my lungs felt like I was being held to the bosom of mother earth herself. Why wouldn’t it? It’s an organic plant feeding my body’s own endocannabinoid system.
Alcohol kills more than 3 million people a year and costs the NHS £3.5bn a year…..and yet its sold in every supermarket and corner shop. It’s advertised with glamour and it’s socially encouraged.
Do you know the most dangerous thing about utilising plant medicine? Cannabis, magic mushrooms, etc? The criminal record you risk if you get caught in possession of them. That’s it. That’s the most dangerous thing about it. Does that fact not shake you wide awake?
The more I read about alcohol lowering your vibration, the more it all makes perfect sense as to why this crap is so actively encouraged. I don’t want it around me. I don’t want it around it around my children.
My kids are going to grow up knowing the truth. That alcohol is a neurotoxic poison that serves no purpose other than to lower your vibration and damage your health… And that illegal plant medicine is the cure ✌️🌱