A beginner’s guide to getting unplucked.

In full disclosure, everything that’s in this ebook has been shared at some point on my Facebook in the last 6 years…. You could get all of this info if you have the time or inclination to go on a good ole scrolling session..

It includes links to the vaccine detox and therapies that helped reverse my sons vaccine damage, the letter I sent to my sons school citing UK law to prevent them from vaccinating on school property, links to homeopaths and cannabis oil, info on homeschooling, links to nutrition courses that I have taken, a video tour around my medicine cabinet AND MORE …. Its basically all of the links, hints, tips and recommendations that I could think of for anyone who may be coming to the realisation that “the system” might not actually have your best interests at heart.

As I am repeatedly told on here….. Im not a doctor!!! (Thank god…. They’re the 3rd leading cause of death world wide) …. And as a result this ebook is not intended to be used as medical advice. For those wanting medical advice, I do link to an incredible homeopath who has also studied western medicine….. She also hasn’t lost a patient yet 😉


Unpluck Yourself E-Book


Are you plugged into the system and tired of getting fucked? Fear not, here’s a handy guide on how to unplug and unfuck yourself…

Happy unplucking.

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