Shall we talk about this article in The Sun?? 😱😱😱

I best publish this quick….. The Internet has me feeling like a mob of pitchfork-wielding villagers are coming for my arse momentarily.

First of all… I’ve never smoked tobacco while pregnant. Ever. In any picture, I am smoking pure organic cannabis. Cheese strain if you must know. So the cot death nonsense that the doctor spouted was just that, nonsense. No studies have ever been done on the impact of smoking neat cannabis while pregnant and cot death. No studies have ever been done on the impact of shooting pregnant women and newborns up with neurotoxins and cot death either by the way and that’s happening every single day to every new mother following NHS guidelines… You might want to look into that.

I’m sure it makes you feel uncomfortable looking at an image of a pregnant woman smoking a spliff. But that’s why the conversation needs having.

I research everything that goes on or near my children. EVERYTHING. It’s why they don’t use sunscreen, it’s why they only drink filtered or distilled water, it’s why they’ve never had an antibiotic or an antipyretic, it’s why they’ve never been bathed in Johnson’s baby wash, it’s why they’ve never used fluoride toothpaste. I take pride in my research… And I take pride in choosing cannabis over the drugs I was offered.

I was offered so many different pharmaceuticals for the wretched HG that I suffered from during pregnancy. Everything from ondansetron to steroids. These pills came with potentially deadly side effects… Instead, I chose to smoke cannabis. An organic plant grown in the earth.

When my kids need pain relief, I don’t reach for Calpol. Why? Because I researched it. It taxes the kidneys and contains polysorbate 80 which can cross the blood-brain barrier. So I give them cannabis instead. In pure oil form.

I didn’t take the anti-depressants that they offered me for my postnatal depression. They list suicidal thoughts as a side effect you see… And I was near enough the fucking edge as it was. I chose cannabis. And it kept me away from the edge…. Until I discovered the cure-all itself, The Wim Hoff Method.

I’m happy to openly debate this. Ask me any questions at all. What I won’t do is take shit from someone who is sat behind a keyboard inhaling their cancer-causing plug-in air freshener, sipping their neurotoxic wine and popping their antidepressants while claiming that I’m an “ignorant drug user”.